Handcoffee Auto / Boat 12V

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Product no.: 608 - Handcoffee Auto / Boot 12V

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Handcoffee Auto / Boat 12V

Handcoffee Auto / Boat 12V

Handcoffee Auto / Boot, the coffee machine on the go. Make in the car / boat the coffee you want, a small (80ml) or large (110ml) coffee, cappuccino or macchiato (add milk yourself). You can choose from a wide range of different Senseo® compatible coffee pads that are available everywhere, from specialty store to supermarket or petrol station.

Just like the other Handpresso products, the Handcoffee is beautifully and cleverly designed and fits into the cup holder of your car. Plug in the 12V cigarette lighter and enjoy your homemade coffee in your car / boat within 4 minutes.