Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

1. General

A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com, hereinafter referred to as A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com deals with and takes orders / orders through its online webshop, is an online water sports specialist for the (professional) sailor (yacht) motorboat owner and related water sports , Marina and maintenance companies, also wholesaler and promoter, all in the broadest sense.

A. Assignment means any agreement with A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com, regardless of whether it undertakes to exercise one or more of the activities described above or to perform another performance, all in one The widest sense.

2. Offer and acceptance

A. All offers from A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com including those in her webshop are free of obligation, unless expressly stated otherwise.

B. All price lists, brochures, and other information provided by an offer are specified as accurately as possible. These are only binding on A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com if this is explicitly confirmed in writing.

C. An agreement will be reached when A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com confirms or executed it within fourteen days after the order has been received orally or in writing. If a offer contains a free offer and this is accepted, A to Z  Jachtboatparts.com is entitled to withdraw the offer within five business days of receipt of acceptance.

3. Prices

A. As a price, what has been agreed between the parties upon the conclusion of the agreement. In offers, price lists, ads, catalogs and acceptations, the price (prices) is always inclusive of VAT, unless expressly stated otherwise.

B. Agreed or quoted prices are based on the cost price factors, materials, wages, taxes, etc. known to the present at the time. In case of increasing one or more of these factors, A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com is entitled to the agreed price accordingly At least if nothing was foreseeable at the conclusion of the agreement and the price increase was reasonable.

4. Delivery

Delivery takes place at the place of the agreement. The costs of transport and packaging are always borne by the client. Goods that are shipped expressly are always borne by the client.

A. The client must report the defects and / or damage present at the time of delivery within 8 days of delivery, in writing to A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com, in the absence of which A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com is entitled to advertise in that regard Not to be considered.

B. The delivery date specified by A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com is entered when the required templates, drawings, permits, permissions or agreed prepayments have been received. Times given will never be regarded as a deadline, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. In case of non-timely operation of the agreed services, A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com should therefore be in writing in default.

C. In case of bankruptcy, payment of payment or by attachment to the client, A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com is entitled to terminate or suspend delivery without further notice.

D. A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com is entitled to store the goods at the expense and risk of the client if the latter fails to receive the products, even if the client can not decrease as a result of force majeure, without prejudice The right of A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com to claim the purchase price and / or full compensation.

e. The risk of the goods at the time of transport is for the client, from the moment when the goods have left the business area of ​​A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com.

F. Goods manufactured by A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com, parts and the like are based on the size of the customer, including subsequent changes. Upon delivery, the client is deemed to have inspected and found the goods, unless advertised in writing within 8 days.

5. Force majeure

A. If before or during the execution of a commitment it appears that (further) execution of that commitment as a result of force majeure is not possible or if this execution is by force majeure or outside causes or circumstances, which A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com Can not be attributed is significantly more disadvantageous than when undertaking the undertaking, A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com has the right to suspend the execution of the commitment or the commitment without being liable for any damages. To suspend or declare the commitment resolved.

B. "Force majeure" includes any unintentional malfunctions or barriers such as fire, natural disasters, third party barriers, full or partial employment, war, riot, almost general illness of employees, revocation or revocation of the lending permit and further Generally, all circumstances, events, causes and consequences beyond the control or control of A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com.

6. Liability

A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com is never liable for damage incurred by the client or third parties, which are the result of the work or business performed by it, unless intentional or gross negligence on the part of A tot Z Jachtboatparts.com is shown.

A. Should A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com unexpectedly be liable for any damage then that liability is limited to the amount of the benefit paid by the insurance. If the insurance is not paid in any event, liability is limited to the invoice amount.

B. A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com will in no case be liable for any business damage to the client or third parties, such as company malfunctions and income loss or other indirect damage for whatever reason.

C. If third parties claim compensation for damage from A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com, the principal is obliged to fully safeguard A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com at first request.

D. A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com will never be liable for the improper use of the delivered by the other party, or use for a purpose other than for which it is suitable for objective criteria.

e. The Client is responsible for being in possession of statutory permits and permissions required for the purchase, possession and operation of goods and services to be delivered, and indemnifies A tot Z Jachtboatparts.com for all claims in this regard.

7. Retention of title

A. All items delivered by A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com will remain in its possession until the full purchase price has been paid. If the purchase price has not been paid in time, A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com is entitled to take the business, in which event the agreement has been terminated, without prejudice to its right to compensation for expenses incurred and further compensation for damage in interest if present.

B. The Client authorizes A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com to retrieve or retrieve the goods after expiration of the payment period. At first request from A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com, the client must cooperate by providing access and returning the goods. All costs incurred are at the expense of the client.

8. Warranty

A. A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com does not warrant any warranty on consumables. For the rest, the warranty is provided by the importer, manufacturer or agent A tot Z Jachtboatparts.com.

B. All eligible goods for warranty or repair must be delivered free of charge from A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com, with a receipt and warranty card. In the absence of these documents, all warranty claims will void.

C. The cost of shipping by A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com to importer, manufacturer, etc. is at the expense of the client as well as the costs charged to A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com by manufacturer, importer, etc. All goods are taken at risk and risk From the client sent to this return.

D. Any defects in delivered goods covered by the warranty will be solely for review of A tot Z Jachtboatparts.com, either repaired or replaced by new delivery if defects in the judgment of A tot Z Jachtboatparts.com/fabrikant are due to construction defects. , The materials used or the execution which make them unusable for the client in respect of the relevant destination of the goods.

e. All warranty claims will expire if the customer himself has made changes or repairs to the delivered, or does not accurately use the delivered in accordance with the prescribed regulations or otherwise treats them in a non-judicial manner.

9. Payment

A. Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made upon delivery.

B. No advertisement or claim entitles the client to suspend, waive or terminate compliance with the payment obligation.

C. The client is required to pay a rate of 1% per month for all amounts not paid within the stipulated payment period; This obligation goes without further notice.

D. If the client fails to fulfill his obligations or if he does not fulfill his obligations in any way, timely or not properly, he is still in error and held to make all of them by A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com out of court fees. 15% of the amount due, excluding the delay rate with a minimum of € 45.- to be paid.

10. Disputes

In all disputes that may arise in connection with an agreement, Dutch law applies. The Arrondissementsrechtbank is in such a case - if the dispute is beyond its absolute competence, to be entitled to take notice of the dispute.


Ecommerce Terms


1. By placing purchase orders through the use of this website and the e-commerce offers from A tot Z Jachtboatparts.com, Customer accepts and agrees to comply with the terms set forth herein. From Acceptance of the Terms, A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com gives the Customer the right to place electronic orders. The Program allows Customer and Customer users who have the permission to pass electronic orders on behalf of the Customer ("Allowed Users") to consult the prices and product inventories of A to Z Yachtboatparts.com and to order purchase orders electronically to do.

2. When placing an order, Customer may use one or a combination of account names, account numbers and other identification forms, such as passwords or other codes assigned to the Customer (hereinafter, these identifiers will be individually or together "Customer Identification " called).

3. It is the Customer's responsibility to keep the Customer Identification confidential. The Customer is solely responsible for his Customer Identification. The Customer notifies A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com immediately upon loss of the password or in case of abuse or attempted misuse of Customer's Password or other Customer Identification.

4. Customer acknowledges that he is fully responsible for using Customer Identification and acknowledges that he is solely responsible for drawing up security measures and procedures to ensure that Customer Use is only permitted by authorized Users for authorized Reasons. Customer is fully responsible for using Customer Identification by a former, existing or future agent, representative, employee, or any other person who has received a Customer Identification. The Customer will be liable for any changes regarding the Authorized Users representing the Customer.

5. Consequently, the Customer agrees that A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com has the right to fully rely on the legality and authenticity of orders placed through Customer Identification and to deliver the goods, to invoice and pay for Received as indicated on the order.

6. Customer acknowledges that any purchase order placed through the Program or via other electronic means, which identifies or uses the Customer Identification, is a valid and binding purchase order and, in spite of all doubt, is equivalent to a signed purchase order.

7. The Customer acknowledges that A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com can not guarantee the safety of the Internet, as well as the ability to collect and distribute data from Customer to A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com by using the right Customer. Identification. Nevertheless, A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com reserves the right to regard the data transmitted as truthful in the form in which these data were received.

8. The Customer has the right to modify, add or delete Authorized Users after written notice by receipt of A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com. A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com agrees to implement these changes, additions or deletions within twenty-four (24) hours after receiving such a written notice.

9. A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com may change the Terms and Conditions at any time. After notification of these changes, Customer may terminate its access to the Program by a notice period of two (2) weeks. If such notice is not given to A tot  Jachtboatparts.com, Customer is assumed to agree with the changes.

10. A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com and Customer may terminate the Agreement at any time and for any reason by giving notice of 15 days notice by written notice. A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com has the right to terminate the contract and refuse access with immediate effect if Customer does not comply with the Terms.

11. A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com reserves the right to accept or refuse purchase orders placed through the Program.

12. In case the Customer wishes to keep an administration of the Purchase Orders placed through the Program, the Order Confirmation Screen must be printed by the Customer as, in the absence of this, the A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com invoice may be the only documentation provided by A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com is provided with the purchase and payment of A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com products and services ordered through the Program.

13. The General Sales Terms of A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com will apply to all orders placed through the Program except in case A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com and the Customer have concluded another agreement regarding the purchase or license from A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com products sold ("Purchase Agreement"); In that case, the terms of this Purchase Agreement will govern the purchase and license of A tot Z Jachtboatparts.com products ordered through the Program.

14. The parties agree that A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com will not be responsible for any additional damage, consequential damages or special damages arising from or resulting from electronic transmission of orders or other information even if A tot Z  Jachtboatparts .com has been informed of the possibility of such damage.

15. The Customer hereby waives any future dispute regarding the validity and enforceability of all orders entered through the Program, on the grounds that they are sent electronically and approved.

16. The Customer is responsible for all expenses and expenses, including but not limited to telephony and telecommunications costs, which are required to use the Program.

17. The validity, interpretation and representation of these Terms will be monitored and enforced in accordance with the laws of the country in which A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com accepts the order. The Customer accepts the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that country without prejudice to the right of A tot Z  Jachtboatparts.com to institute legal proceedings against the Customer at any time in any other jurisdiction or in any other court for the unpaid invoices of To claim the customer.