Anchor winches, Anchors and accessories

Going to land or going for anchor is an important moment. Good material helps the skipper to finish safely and efficiently.

But how do you determine the right anchor winch for your boat?

There are a few important criteria to consider when choosing an anchor winch for your boat. Consider the weight of the anchor and the anchor chain, the diameter of the anchor chain. But not to mention: the available space in the anchor box.

Vertical or horizontal anchor winch: That is, the depth of the anchor box / space below the deck, if there is enough space then you can choose a vertical if not, it automatically becomes a horizontal.

What are the pros and cons of an drum?

The version with an drum has an independently operated winch on top of the anchor winch. As the name suggests, it can be used to recover the boat from the landfill with the engine of the anchor winch. With a lot of wind and / or a heavy boat, that's a nice help. The disadvantage of a drum is that the whole of the anchor winch extends higher above your deck.

What else do you need? Circuit Breaker, Remote Control, Anchor Roller, Anchor Chain Linkage, Anchor, Anchor Chain / Anchor Line, etc.

Below are a number of types and accessories, but there are many more options available:

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Anchor winches

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