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A color screen that is very readable even in full sunlight and with Digital Sound Processing and an optical audio connection, this world-class audio entertainment provides a true audio experience in accordance with the standard Fusion standard for audio entertainment. DSP - Digital Signal Processing - for ultimate sound experience; Allows optimization of Fusion speakers in every audio zone on the boat and delivers premium audio delivery to all Fusion speakers in any environment. DSP profiles (speaker/subwoofer/amplifier settings) can be adjusted very quickly and easily via the Fusion-Link App on a smartphone or tablet. PartyBus - Enjoy the freedom of musical choice with the Apollo series and Fusion PartyBus™. The power of PartyBus kicks in when more PartyBus-enabled stereos are added to the entertainment system. Each additional stereo with PartyBus offers the option to join Party mode and play the same perfectly synchronized audio source throughout the ship. Choose the personal function and listen to available audio sources from the stereo system in the chosen room, without disturbing the Party mode in the other parts of the ship. UPnP - Universal Plug and Play - ensures that devices that want to exchange data wirelessly can communicate with each other without having to set things up themselves. Front dimensions (WxHxD)157 x 68 x 10 mmBuilt-in dimensions (WxHxD)130 x 49 x 102 mmZones3Screen / inch2.7Amplifier280 Watts RMS power at 4 Ohm4 x 26 WattsConnectionsAUX 1 x in, 3 x out/SPDIF digital optical input/Ethernet/USB 2.0/ 4 speakers direct or 3 zones via external amplifiers/3 x Subwoofer Out via external amplifiers/NMEA2000/AM/FM Motorola connectorSound sourceAM/FM/Bluetooth/Apple AirPlay 2(when connected to Wi‐Fi)/Digital optical input/PartyBus/USB audio /AUX/UPnP/MTP/DAB+-optional MS‐DAB100A moduleWirelessBluetooth/ANTNMEA2000YesWaterproof IP classIPx7