Handpresso Auto / Boat

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Product no.: 613 - Handpresso Auto / Boot

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Handpresso Auto / Boat + gratis 25 E.S.E. servings

Handpresso Auto + gratis 25 E.S.E. servings

The Handpresso Car / Boatis the perfect choice for you when you're on the road and want to enjoy delicious coffee. The Handpresso Auto / Boat is suitable for both loose ground coffee and E.S.E. espresso servings. This espresso machine fits seamlessly into the cup holder of your car and you put the plug in the 12 Volt connection. In just an instant you can enjoy a delicious espresso with cream like you're used to at home.

You can enjoy traveling with the Handpresso Car / Boat!

Specifications Handpresso Auto / Boat:

Weight: 880 grams

Pressure: 16 bar

Total heating and pumping time: 2 minutes

Water reservoir capacity: 53 ml

12V / 140W

Certificate: CE e24

Dimensions: 22x10x10 cm

Warranty: 1 year